Close up of a sliced cake

Club Tropicana Food and Drink Photographs

I recently collaborated with Jess (styled by Jess) on a club tropicana food and drink stills photoshoot. Looking at recreating that classic 80s summer holiday vibe. Back when suncream was frowned upon and smoking on planes was still in Vogue. Working on this retro styled food and drink shoot with Jess was a great way […]

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Close up food photograph of raspberry

Close Up Fruit Photography

Sometimes you just need a spot of close up fruit photography to really show off the freshness of the produce and give the viewer a better idea of what it might feel like to be chomping down on a perfect cherry

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close up macro photograph of ice lolly frost

Ice lolly Photography

Ice creams and ice lollies are a British food staple in the summer time, so I thought it time to give them their spot in the light. I shot this series over a couple of very hot days from my food photography studio in the UK. Sadly we had to keep the air conditioning off to help them melt. We also managed to not waste a single ice lolly during this project, which I am both very pleased with, but also feeling the side effects of now.

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Fruit Photography

Summer is coming, and over here in the UK fruit picking will begin. I have always been keen on a bit of fruit photography, not the fruit that stands above all for me, especially in food photography terms, is the humble banana. When setting out to photograph fruit, with it being such a raw and […]

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Coffee Photograph by Food Photographer 2

Graphic Coffee Photography

Coffee photography is an ever increasing sector of the drinks photography industry. With major food chains all offering their own coffees alongside those niche indie barristers

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burger duo2

Mc Donalds Burger Food Photography

Mc Donalds burger food photography and their food is a cult classic in the UK, and alongside the menu are a host of “need to know” orders and ways to eat your food. From simply swopping sauces through to the treble stack from the saver menu with Big Mac sauce in-between and to those (myself […]

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red jelly lips

Childhood Sweet Photography

The memory of going to the local off license store with my Dad on a Friday evening, 50 pence in hand to buy my selection of sweets is still a very vivid one.

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LPA/ Photo agency logo

I Have Signed For The Amazing Lisa Pritchard Agency

I hope you are all doing well. 2020 was a tad brutal, but hopefully 2021 will be a little less hard going. I have a new portfolio and have fully re decorated my food photography studio. At the end of 2020 I was fortunate enough to be signed to the rather prestigious LPA agency. Lisa […]

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