This week I have been busy working with food stylist Jess Tofts on this Guilty Pleasure Food Photography idea where we look at all of those things that we love to eat, but would perhaps prefer to not mention. For me personally, the first image here of the jam and crisp sandwich is probably one of my all time favourite foods and photographs. I use to make this at Primary School as a child, and still often do at my studio when I am here alone. This series of images was a mixture of what both I and Jess enjoy to eat and it can already be found in both my food and drink photography portfolio pages.

Guilty Pleasure Food Photography Project

Hopefully throughout 2022 I will be able to continue adding to my guilty pleasure food photography project with more images of graphic food and drink photographs. I have since been busy shooting campaigns for GoPuff and their companies launches into new territories which continues with the bold and graphic somewhat heroic way of photographing.

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“At the end of last month I shot a new project from my studio with stylist Jess Tofts. The project focused on those guilty pleasures that we love to eat when no one is around.

Since then, I have been busy working on a campaign for Go Puff with AMP-London and produced by Chloe from Lisa Pritchard Agency, The project is now being published on billboards, buses, taxis, the underground, and pretty much anywhere else that we could get it seen out and about in France and the UK.

I hope you enjoy my guilty pleasure foods.”