Marks and Spencers Meal Deal photo 1

Amazing Meal Deal Food Photography

If you live in the UK, you will have no doubt at some point hit up one of the major supermarkets in order to grab a classic British meal deal. A sandwich, packet of crisps, chocolate bar, and a nice can of pop. I think you would be hard pushed to find a Brit who […]

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dirty breakfast stack food photo

Hangover Food Photography

Hang Over Food Photography by Scott Choucino

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Toffee Apple Forrest food photograph

Miniature Worlds Made From Food Photographs

I am sure you have seen worlds made from food before. It was all the trend a few years back, but at the time it wasn’t really something that interested me. The first image in this series was shot for my youngest, an avid broccoli hater. I thought it would be funny to make an […]

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Lucky charms cereal photographer scott choucino

Amazing Guilty Pleasure Food Photography Top 4 Images

This week I have been busy working with food stylist Jess Tofts on this Guilty Pleasure Food Photography i

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Sandwich photography by scott choucino

Children’s Food Photography

Children’s Food Photography As the children head back to school, I was inspired to shoot a series of back to school pack lunch images. Back when I was at school our lunches were very different. Sandwich paste, prawn cocktail crisps and those bright green school apples that made you feel like you were sucking a […]

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Professional Beer Photographer

Professional Beer Photographer

Having been a professional beer photographer and videographer for some time, I though now would be a good time to share some of my favourite moving and still beer photography with you all. My style of food and drink photography is very bold and graphic, and with that comes a great way to present drinks, […]

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Sports food photography

Protein Bar Photography

I was recently contacted via my photography agent Lisa Pritachard by TRIBE protein bars who needed some new imagery for their latest arrival and commissioned me to produce some protein bar photography. Coming from a sporting background and being given a lot of creative control over the shoot, I though that this would be a […]

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Close up of a sliced cake

Club Tropicana Food and Drink Photographs

I recently collaborated with Jess (styled by Jess) on a club tropicana food and drink stills photoshoot. Looking at recreating that classic 80s summer holiday vibe. Back when suncream was frowned upon and smoking on planes was still in Vogue. Working on this retro styled food and drink shoot with Jess was a great way […]

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Close up food photograph of raspberry

Close Up Fruit Photography

Sometimes you just need a spot of close up fruit photography to really show off the freshness of the produce and give the viewer a better idea of what it might feel like to be chomping down on a perfect cherry

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close up macro photograph of ice lolly frost

Ice lolly Photography

Ice creams and ice lollies are a British food staple in the summer time, so I thought it time to give them their spot in the light. I shot this series over a couple of very hot days from my food photography studio in the UK. Sadly we had to keep the air conditioning off to help them melt. We also managed to not waste a single ice lolly during this project, which I am both very pleased with, but also feeling the side effects of now.

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