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Meals on a fork photographs

Stick a fork in me, I’m done. My latest project is now complete! I worked with food stylist Mandy Thompson and retoucher Bhavin Sonigra on this four shot study of complete meals on a fork. Though deeply undignified to eat, (and believe me, given my somewhat ‘developed’ beard it wasn’t pretty), each mouthful is the perfect balance of […]

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Classic school dinner UK

Classic School Dinners Photography

I hope you’re keeping well?  Although I’ve been super busy working on a couple of exciting OOH campaigns for the UK and Europe, there’s always time for working on personal projects. Call them sanity savers, creative explorations, whatever, but they’re a joy and a pleasure, especially when working with food stylist Jess Tofts and retoucher […]

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Drink pour photography

Drinks are beautiful to photograph, but sometimes you need that action shot of the liquid hitting the glass, a different perspective on the perfect drink perhaps, thats where drink pour photography comes in. The images below are part of a recent project looking at the beauty of a perfect drink being made. These images were […]

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Furniture Photography

As part of an entirely new body of work I would love to share with you my new furniture photography. I took these alongside K.G Curates and retoucher Bhavin Sonigra. Working with in trend colours from this years interior designs we set about creating some bold and graphic product photographs of this amazing furniture for […]

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Jenga Chips

Artistic Food Photography

Part of being a creative is being able to let your artistic flare direct you. For this series of images working alongside retoucher Bhav Sonigra and food stylist Holly Bell we looked at turning every day foods into modern day works of art. Using bold, graphic and vibrant sets and crisp hard light, this artistic […]

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Marks and Spencers Meal Deal photo 1

Amazing Meal Deal Food Photography

If you live in the UK, you will have no doubt at some point hit up one of the major supermarkets in order to grab a classic British meal deal. A sandwich, packet of crisps, chocolate bar, and a nice can of pop. I think you would be hard pushed to find a Brit who […]

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dirty breakfast stack food photo

Hangover Food Photography

Hang Over Food Photography by Scott Choucino

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Toffee Apple Forrest food photograph

Miniature Worlds Made From Food Photographs

I am sure you have seen worlds made from food before. It was all the trend a few years back, but at the time it wasn’t really something that interested me. The first image in this series was shot for my youngest, an avid broccoli hater. I thought it would be funny to make an […]

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Lucky charms cereal photographer scott choucino

Amazing Guilty Pleasure Food Photography Top 4 Images

This week I have been busy working with food stylist Jess Tofts on this Guilty Pleasure Food Photography i

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Sandwich photography by scott choucino

Children’s Food Photography

Children’s Food Photography As the children head back to school, I was inspired to shoot a series of back to school pack lunch images. Back when I was at school our lunches were very different. Sandwich paste, prawn cocktail crisps and those bright green school apples that made you feel like you were sucking a […]

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