Coffee Photograph by Food Photographer 2

Graphic Coffee Photography

Coffee photography is an ever increasing sector of the drinks photography industry. With major food chains all offering their own coffees alongside those niche indie barristers

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autumn flat lay food photo

Deli France Food Photography

Deli France have been a long term client of mine and we have shot for them in Paris, Amsterdam and the UK. Over the years we have worked with changing their style from a very traditional brand to have a more rustic and in trend image for the types of food they produce. Here is […]

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burger duo2

Mc Donalds Burger Food Photography

Mc Donalds food photography and their food is a cult classic in the UK, and alongside the menu are a host of “need to know” orders and ways to eat your food. From simply swopping sauces through to the treble stack from the saver menu with Big Mac sauce in-between and to those (myself included) […]

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2021 02 27 13 lips on red47 38 BRadius8Smoothing4 Edit

Childhood Sweet Photography

The memory of going to the local off license store with my Dad on a Friday evening, 50 pence in hand to buy my selection of sweets is still a very vivid one.

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Drink Can Photography

I have recently been continuing with my exploration of classic 90s childhood food and drinks. This time moving over to canned pop. A staple of every 90s child’s Friday night, most probably in a beer garden or on holiday with family. The work looks at the shape, light and colour of those memories. Here is […]

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LPA/ Photo agency logo

I Have Signed For The Amazing Lisa Pritchard Agency

I hope you are all doing well. 2020 was a tad brutal, but hopefully 2021 will be a little less hard going. I have a new portfolio and have fully re decorated my food photography studio. At the end of 2020 I was fortunate enough to be signed to the rather prestigious LPA agency. Lisa […]

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