Spaghetti hoops in a tin as a macro photograph

Although I do a lot of very minimal work, something I love is just filling the frame. Edge to edge produce, products, food, drink, what ever it may be. These images always seem to do far better as prints, but that’s never stopped me before from sharing my macro food and drink photography online.

These images are all parts of different projects from my food and drink photography portfolio and are a mix of personal projects and commercial commissions.

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Beautiful Macro Food and Drink Photography
Macro Food Photograph of a MASSIVE Breakfast Burger
Macro Photograph of Guinness
classic school sandwiches
Macro photograph of McDonalds Burger
Macro Spaghetti Hoops Photograph
close up photograph of spaghetti hoops
Mac and Cheese detail photograph
Cheap oven chips food photograph
Close up of easter eggs in bright foil
Macro photo of gold chocolate bars painted gold
Bright smarties macro photo

Beautiful Macro Food and Drink Photography

Scott Choucino works as a professional commercial food and drink photographer in the UK out of London with agent Lisa Pritchard. If you want to discuss a photoshoot, head over here to either contact Lisa Pritchard agency or to contact me directly.

Scott Choucino Professional Food and Drink Photographer