Photograph of a professional food and drink photography studio

Professional Food, Drink & Still Life Photographer

Pro food photographer with a can-do approach, in-depth understanding of technical requirements and bags of experience delivering successful campaigns on time and within budget, I’m proud to have so many long-term clients.  Having been a professional food photographer for over a decade, there are few problems that I haven’t had to face.

From house hold names to start ups… 

European multi location shoots to carefully curated macro images shot in my studio…

From editorial to world wide campaigns…

Shooting food is my passion.

Favourite colour:

Egg shell blue. Love it. So underrated.

Happiest moment:

This would have to be the day I left my office job in order to pursue a career in photography. The euphoria was of course interspersed with fear of the unknown but thankfully this didn’t last too long. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life now.

Photographer I most admire:

Without a doubt it has to be William Eggleston

Least favourite thing:

The sensation of dry hands on a wet wooden spoon when washing up.

Guiltiest pleasure:

Dipping my chips into McDonald’s chocolate milkshake.

Worst job:

I was once employed for 3 months to sort out a paper filing system in a hospital. I basically roamed around a huge windowless room of files, alone, for 8 hours every day, trying to add some form of order to it all.

Favourite Drink:

COFFEE! I may have a bit of a problem with the quantities I consume, although I have recently imposed a ‘no coffee after midday’ rule. My friends appreciate this a lot.

Professional food photographer working

Unusual thing about me:

I played the violin up until I was 17, which was also around the same time that I started shaving my legs for my cycling. I wasn’t very cool at school. I am not sure if being a food photographer has made things any better. 

Commercial food photographer

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