classic 1980s Christmas party

Do you remember your first festive drink? My life long love of eggnog based cocktails can definitely be traced back to my Grandma sneaking me a snowball whilst no one was looking. These days advent hasn’t officially started until I indulge in a cherry laced snowball with an icing sugar dredged mince pie chaser. If Home Alone happens to be on the TV too, well, I’d call that a perfect night in. 

I recently shot this series of images with food stylist Mandy Thompson and retoucher Bhavesh Sonigra. I hope they provide that nostalgic Christmas drinks inspiration for your party this year.

Nostalgic Christmas Drinks
After Party
1980s Office Party drinks trolley
Office Drinks Trolley
1980s Babycham drinks
Babycham and Roche
Classic Snowball cocktail for nostalgic christmas cocktails
Snowball cocktail and devilled eggs

Professional Drinks Photographer based in London

Scott Choucino is a professional drinks photographer based in London, if you have a project that you would like to commission him for you can reach out directly to or via his agent Lisa Pritchard Agency . You can see his full drink portfolio here.