I am sure you have seen worlds made from food before. It was all the trend a few years back, but at the time it wasn’t really something that interested me. The first image in this series was shot for my youngest, an avid broccoli hater. I thought it would be funny to make an image showing him where broccoli comes from. Once we had shot that though it seemed only logical to try something more in my style, which is where the stark image of the toffee apple forrest came from. It has a slightly other worldly look to it and nothing really adds up.

Food Stylist

I worked closely with food stylist for this shoot. The attention to detail required for this sort of scene needed many hands on set. And the toffee apples had to be freshly made to be as perfect as possible for the series of images we were trying to create. Christina Murray was the perfect choice for the Worlds Made From Food project.

Food Photography Retouching

The final images were composited in with photographers of sky by retoucher Sophie Bronze and then colour graded by myself. I have worked with Sophie on a couple of personal projects as well as a recent ad campaign for GoPuff in France and in London.

You can find my full food photography porfolio at www.scottchoucino.com