Farewell dry January. I hope you enjoy my hangover food photography. It’s time to unleash the best hangover cures. Me? I’m all about the full English just as long as it includes hash browns; I’ve never met one I didn’t like. This series was shot in my studio just before Christmas with food stylist Mandy Thompson, just before I kicked off 2022 working on a gummy bear project with an Australian client (can confirm sugar plus gelatine is a fine morning after the-night-before treat). This year has also seen the UK launch of the GoPuff campaign I shot with AMP London. It’s already out in France, but there’s nothing quite like seeing my work when out and about.

Fry Up Hangover Food Photography

As you can probably tell, my go to hangover food to photograph, and to eat is a classic British fry-up. You can see more of my food photography here www.scottchoucino.com and you can find my work on my photography agents website over here www.lisapritchard.com