I hope you’re keeping well? 

Although I’ve been super busy working on a couple of exciting OOH campaigns for the UK and Europe, there’s always time for working on personal projects. Call them sanity savers, creative explorations, whatever, but they’re a joy and a pleasure, especially when working with food stylist Jess Tofts and retoucher Bhavin Sonigra.

Our latest project is a study of classic school dinner fodder from our childhoods; cornflake tart, chocolate slab and of course vegetables that’ve been boiled within an inch of their lives.  I hope you enjoy my project looking at Classic School Dinners.

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Classic School Dinners From the UK

I think most of us have some form of strange relationship with our school dinners. Either fond memories of carbs on carbs, or the fear of the overcooked vegetables and mystery meet. I hope you enjoyed this series. You can see more of my work here and get in touch for commercial bookings via this page or direct to my agent Lisa Pritchard Agency.