Summer is coming, and over here in the UK fruit picking will begin. I have always been keen on a bit of fruit photography, not the fruit that stands above all for me, especially in food photography terms, is the humble banana.

When setting out to photograph fruit, with it being such a raw and un prepared item of food, its often a bit drab, so I thought I would sex up the banana and show it becoming more confident as it went from a shy unripe green banana to a very bright and confident yellow one.

We shot these in my photography studio in the UK where I work from through my agent Lisa Pritchard. You can see my full food and drink photography portfolio here which contains lots more fruit photography too.

Booking a Professional Photographer for Food and Fruit Photography

If you are looking to book a professional food and fruit photographer, you can find the details to my photography agent here as well as my direct contact details. I have worked with a huge list of clients, from what were small start ups to world wide campaigns for house hold names.

The next project with fruit photography that I am working on is a look at the British summer fruit picking scene, which is something I have very fond childhood memories of. If you want to keep up to date with my work then make sure you sign up to my mailing list below.

Food Photography Studio

You can also take a virtual tour around my food and drink photography studio based in Leicester in the UK.