Ice creams and ice lollies are a British food staple in the summer time, so I thought it time to give them their spot in the light. I shot this series over a couple of very hot days from my food photography studio in the UK. Sadly we had to keep the air conditioning off to help them melt. We also managed to not waste a single ice lolly during this project, which I am both very pleased with, but also feeling the side effects of now.

Ice Lolly Photography Project

I am sure you have all been melting in the heat recently. Hopefully this helps you to cool off a little whilst you work.

To keep cool in my studio I have been working on an ice lolly photography project. The project was inspired when I saw a rather rambunctious toddler in utter joy with his ice cream melting down is arm and smushed all over his face. Mixing this with the nostalgia of hearing my Mum tell me we had ice lollies in the freezer whenever we heard the ice cream van coming round. The dreaded freezer ice lollies were always slightly miss shaped and covered in freezer burn.

I am now busy working on a project looking at incredibly close details of foods where I try to show them in a new light.

Future ice lolly projects

Following on from this series of still ice lolly photography, I will soon have a lovely series of videos, stop motion and time lapse videos of ice lollies and ice creams melting away in the summer heat to keep you cool.

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