There are a lot of workshops out there professing to find you X new clients a month or to make you an extra £5000 in up sales. My workshop, ‘ How to become a professional photographer ‘ is not one of them.

What is the professional photographer workshop?

In short, it’s a whole day dedicated to getting you used to thinking and acting like a professional photographer. Think of it as crash course in moving from a hobbyist or semi pro to a place where you’ll have the confidence to call yourself a professional.

So, what will we cover? The most common questions I get asked about how to make a full-time job out of photography are:

How do I find new clients?

How much do I charge?

What kit do I need?

How do I market my work?

What role should social media play in my career?

How do I organise copyright and licensing of images?

How much time should I dedicate to the business?

Do I need my own studio?

Do I need an agent? How do I find an agent?

How do I organise a shoot?

How much should I pay an assistant? At what point should I stop assisting?

How much tech knowledge do I need? Should I be a photoshop whizz?

Is photography enough? Should I focus on video?

How do I curate the perfect portfolio?

All this, plus there’s a questionnaire I need you to fill in before you arrive so I can make sure the content is really tailored to you. Oh and there will be excellent coffee. (But bring your own lunch).

If you want to make a living from photography, then this is a great place to start. The workshop will be held at my photographic studio in Oadby. I have tried to keep this as affordable as possible. Starting a photography business is expensive enough!

If you want to book on, then please follow this link.

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