A VERY long time ago I worked in bars in Cardiff. I was fortunate enough to end up working in some really nice cocktail bars and it is by far one of my favourite jobs I have ever had. Yes the hours are long and the pay is low, but I really loved making cocktails. Over Christmas I seemed to rediscover my love for mixing drinks and just experimenting in general with my food and drink.


With the new year being just hours away, I thought I would share my personal favourite cocktail, as it is rather fitting for this time of year. A dry Belvedere Vodka Martini with a lemon twist.


To make this you only need a handful of ingredients.

50ml Belvedere Vodka

25 ml Noilly Prat Extra Dry Vermouth

1 Lemon

1 handful of ice.




Now this is a pretty boozy drink, and here is how I like to mix mine:

Pour the Vermouth over the ice and stir it in, once it has evenly coated the ice, pour the excess down the sink. Then  add the vodka,  stir it for about 20-30 seconds and strain it into a chilled martini glass. The final touch is to cut off a chunk of lemon  peel, hold it over the glass and twist it so the oil from the skin fall on top of the my drink.


Have a wonderful new year and I will see you all in 2016!


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