Top 15 photographs from 2015.

Here are my top 15 photographs from 2015. They might not be to everyones tastes, but these are the 15 images that I have most enjoyed taking this year.

Felix and the Radicals at Toe Rag Studios
Dave Comedy Festival Awards Night
Phoebe sitting in for a light test
Holly Bells latest book cover
From my first roll of film shot on the new Mamiya
A quick portrait I took of Modesteps drummer before they went on stage in Birmingham
Alan Davies backstage at De Montfort Hall
A portrait from a personal project I shot during the summer looking at the people who attend gigs in Leicester.
A seaside setting with burnt lime and white bait
Passionfruit deserts made by Tom Cockerill and styled by Sophie Purser
A group of friends at a 21st Birthday Party in Rutland
The Bride and Groom entering their wedding party
People eating on the street during Diwali in Leicester
A Cider, lemon and honey cocktail made by Tom Cockerill and styled by Sophie Purser
A chef waiting to start his shift.

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