Professional Food and Portrait Photographer

 With a ‘can do’ approach, in-depth understanding of technical requirements and bags of experience delivering successful campaigns on time and within budget, we’re a professional studio proud to have so many long-term clients. Together as a team, we have delivered major international ad campaigns shot around Europe, whilst continuing to work with local companies and start-ups with smaller budgets.

scott choucino

Clients & Publications

Deli France
Uncle Bens
Virgin Media
British Airways
Seeds Of Change
Fiona Cairns
Tether Tools
Land Rover Experience
Jones Bootmakers
Lands End Clothing
Nutri Bullet
Pressure King Pro
High Street TV
Premier Drums
ESL Gaming
The Fire Service
Hollandse-Hoogte International Photographic Agency
Twist and Shout
Mrs Bells Brownies
Barrie Stephen Hair Salons
Dave’s Comedy Festival
Prep Perfect
Abbots Oak
Hello Magazine
The Healthy Food Guide
Back To School Magazine
The Fly Magazine
MORE weekend supplement (cover)
Niche Magazine (Cover)
The Monograph Magazine (Cover)

Home Town:

Leicester, East Midlands.

Favourite colour:

Egg shell blue. Love it. So underrated.

Happiest moment:

Without a doubt, this would be the day I left my office job in order to pursue a career in photography. The euphoria was of course interspersed with fear of the unknown but thankfully this didn’t last too long. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life now.

Photographer I most admire:

There are so many wonderful photographers I admire and look up to, but Annie Leibovitz for me is the most inspiring. Both in her work and the way she conducts herself.

Least favourite thing:

The sensation of dry hands on a wet wooden spoon when washing up.

Favourite book:

The Picture of Dorian Gray. Many hours spent reading it again and again.

Guiltiest pleasure:

Dipping my chips into McDonald’s chocolate milkshake.

Worst job:

I was once employed for 3 months to sort out a paper filing system in a hospital. I basically roamed around a huge windowless room of files, alone, for 8 hours every day, trying to add some form of order to it all.

Favourite Drink:

COFFEE! I may have a bit of a problem with the quantities I consume, although I have recently imposed a ‘no coffee after midday’ rule. My friends appreciate this a lot.

Unusual thing about me:

I played the violin up until I was 17, which was also around the same time that I started shaving my legs for my cycling. I wasn’t very cool at school.

Things I most like to photograph:

I love portrait photography. Especially when working one on one with a subject. I have played around with lots of different formats to allow me to be as close to my sitter as possible without distorting their features. This has led to me shooting with a 6×7 camera where I only get 10 frames per roll of film. This method has completely changed how I work with my subjects and I feel that it has added to the enjoyment I get from portrait sittings.