Portrait Photographer in Leicester

I have been a portrait photographer in Leicester for the past 6 years after returning from my studies in Cardiff. Portrait photography makes for the bulk of both my professional and personal work. It is my passion and I am very privileged to be able to do it as a career. Over the years I have worked with a mixture of professionals, artists, celebrities and great personalities. Being able to tell people’s stories through photography gives me great pleasure.

Alan Davies in front of Demontfort Halls Silent sign at the Leicester Comedy Festival

Who do I work with?

Anyone and everyone. I live for working with people. I photograph my friends, family, your family, your staff and models showing off your products. In the past, I tried to narrow down who I thought I should work with, but the fact of the matter is, I simply love working with people. From camera shy individuals to experienced models, I get the same kick out of it every single time.

Martine Broyelle Laughing during a portrait sitting

My Style of work.

My style is constantly evolving. Over the years I have worked more and more with studio lighting and flash on location. This allows me to paint the picture in the way that my mind has envisioned it. From soft personal portraits to vibrant advertising campaigns. There are two main ways in which I work. Often, I work alongside a creative director offering me a brief to deliver to, this is where my technical knowledge really comes into play. The other is to direct myself, allowing past experience to guide me in the best style to portrait the individual.

Elizabeth Gracie sat on a stool in front of a double paper backdrop in my photography studio

Barrie Stephen Hair Salon Advertisement Campaign shot by Scott Choucino

You can see more of my portfolio at www.scottchoucino.com