Portrait Photography Workshop in Leicester October 30th 2016

Portrait Photography Workshop Leicester


I have been planning this portrait photography  workshop in Leicester for almost a year now. The start of 2016 was so manic that I had postponed it.  I have finally managed to find a date that will work to run this workshop. So this is more of a “save the date” than anything else. More details will follow soon…


Who is this photography workshop for?

This course is for anyone who wants to better their portrait photography. If you feel that you have hit a bit of a plateau or you simply don’t know where to look for the next improvement. There are not “requirements” to being accepted onto this course.

The way in which it is taught allows for a variety of participants to take part. Having someone who has only been shooting for a few years alongside those with over a decade of experience is great for the learning process. The questions that both parties ask are really interesting and of use to everyone in the group.

All you need is a camera that can be manually controlled and a lens. Everything else will be supplied on the day.


The plan so far.

I am a portrait photographer at heart. I live for taking people’s portraits. From glamorous models to your Granddad. I love everything about it. I hope to pass some of this passion on to you and explain what excites me about portrait photography as well as learning what excites you about it. My workshop content is a personification of the way that I am currently working and how I got to this point. Assuming I continue to evolve in my work, these should be constantly changing each year as I progress and learn more about the field I work in.


The Content

The fundamentals of the camera and lens

Lighting- the basics through to advanced techniques

Interaction with your subject

How to pose subjects

How to decide on the lighting set up and how to place lights

Working with concepts in portrait work


Learning outside of the subject of photography is key. This is something that took me a long time to realise. There will be certain areas covered in this workshop that is not from a “photography textbook” that I feel are really important to understand and acknowledge as a photographer.

This workshop will be a mixture of both theory and practical application. At the end of the day, you will walk away with some beautiful images that you can use in your portfolio as well as a greater knowledge on the subject of portrait photography.

My new studio is 3 times the size of the old one and we have a lot of new toys. These include sets, cool hand painted backdrops and a lot of exciting modifiers (8ft Octa banks, huge parabolics’ and strip boxes etc). This allows for a lot more scope than in the previous photography workshop that I held in my Leicester city centre studio.

Barrie Stephen Hair

The Bad News.

There will be homework!

I would be a massive liar if I were to tell you that I could make you a considerably better portrait photographer after a one-day workshop. There will be a lot of homework. On the day I plan to give you tools that you can take away and progress with over the next 12 months. Photography is a constant learning process, there are no quick fixes. During the workshop, I will be steering you in the right direction and giving you the tools and knowledge required to build upon over the next year.

The Good News

There will be support after the workshop!

With a day course, I usually bombard you with information. I am pretty sure that 2 weeks later some of this will have escaped, so, this time, I will be offering a 1-hour phone or email consultation after the workshop. If you get stuck on something during a photo shoot or before one after the workshop Or, if you would like some feedback on work you have done since the course I will also be able to assist here. I want to be able to help in advancing your work as much as possible. This seems to be the next logical step in the workshops I run, it will offer a greater level of learning and progression.

Elizabeth Gracie

If you would like to discuss this with me further in person, please drop me an email to scott.c@scottchoucino.com and we can arrange a phone call. You can see more of my studio and location portrait work at www.scottchoucino.com

If you are interested in booking onto the course, please drop Graeme an email and he will be able to get you all booked up!

The workshop is £150

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