Portrait of Felix Holt at Toe Rag Studios

Portrait of Felix Holt at Toe Rag Studios

The Subject

A couple of years ago I got a call from my manager asking me if I could head down to London to take a Portrait of Felix Holt at Toe Rag Studios, whilst they recorded their debut EP at Toe Rag Studios.

Felix was a really kind and warm young man. We hit it off straight away as we walked around the studio whilst he fed me coffee and explained what he was trying to achieve that day. He took his craft very seriously and had left work and studies to pursue his career in music.  Everything worked so well, the lofi studio, his clothing and music style all fit together so perfectly.

The Photograph

I set off from Leicester on the train early on a Sunday morning. I arrived in London and then enjoyed the rail replacement (London has a thing on Sundays where they dig up all the train tracks and pop you on a bus).

 Toe Rag Studios is an all analogue studio with an impressive resume of talent who have recorded groundbreaking albums there. Given the nature of the studio and the style of music that the band played, I decided to work with black and white film for the day. I chose an old film emulsion that gave a really nice gritty look (ilford HP5+) and pushed it 3 stops during the development process. I was shooting on an EOS1, EOS3, Bronica ETRSi and a Hasselblad 6×6 for the day.

Whilst they recorded I worked with the light in the room taking candid shots of the guys. This final portrait was taken at the end of the recording, once the rest of the band had left. With just Felix remaining in the room, I set up a small octabox with a speedlight in it to add a bit of direction to the light and began shooting on a 35mm Canon.

This portrait is by no means fancy. However, I feel that it really capture the mood of the day and Felix Holts’ music.


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