It has been a little while since I have last run a workshop, so on Sunday the 22nd of November *note date change* I will be running my last workshop for 2015 in my photographic studio on London Road, Leicester.

I have been working really hard on my portrait photography over the last 6 months and I have made some big changes to my style. I’ve been going a bit beyond my routine of 2 hours a day reading to improve my portraits (yes, some days I was too tired after shooting which resulted in LOTS of reading on a Sunday) and looking in new directions for ways to improve my work.


Shooting in the studio 2 years ago.
Shooting in the studio 2 years ago.

I have recently expanded from the sorts of reading I have been doing for the last 4-5 years to beyond the field of photography, and I feel that my workshops should reflect this going forward.


A portrait sitting with Phoebe a couple of months ago.
A portrait sitting with Phoebe a couple of months ago.



When I first started out I focused on tech. I learnt how the camera worked, how to compose the image etc. Then I moved on to lighting, and learnt a lot about lenses and how to use them in different ways. I spent a lot of time working out how to get the best RAW file in order to process the image in the style I wanted. Yet over the last year, I have been focusing on the subject. If anything, I have done this the wrong way round, the subject is the most important part of the equation. Content is king!
Everyone has a perception of how they look and what looks good for them, right or wrong. Sometimes it is your job to convince them to try something new, sometimes it is realising their insecurities and being sure not to put them on show. Have you ever wondered why someone will be taking a selfie, but when you ask to take their portrait they shut you down and say no?
All of the fancy equipment and lighting techniques in the world will not win someone over if they are not confident that you know how to make them look good.


So, what will this workshop be about?

As well as the technical aspects and lighting information, there will be two other key aspects.

1 Interaction. This is the most important aspect of a portrait. A good chunk of the time on Sunday will be spent looking at how to communicate with your sitter, how to get the most out of the sitting and how to make sure your images is exactly what your subject wanted.
2 Problem solving. 75% of my shoots are not in ideal places. I am going to go through the logic and options available to work under various conditions or with limited equipment. I will then show you how to gaffa tape things together to fix everything wrong in the world.

So who is this workshop for?

This particular workshop has been designed for those of you who want to spend less time learning about tech and gear and more time about how to make your sitter look their best. If you have had issues communicating with people in the past or if you can’t quite get what you want out of a photoshoot.

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You can see some of my portrait work here


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