Update on Personal Portrait Project

My personal portrait project is well underway now and I wanted to use this blog post as a bit of a summary as to where I am now. The project has mutated a bit and had a few changes made here and there, but in essence it is the same.

 I’ve chosen interesting people I know, respect and have a close relationship with as my subjects. This is a deeply personal project I’m working on as a collective ‘muse’. My commercial work is very important to me and is fed by projects like this one, where I get to explore portraiture without constraints. I’d recommend anyone in a creative role who feels they’ve hit a wall to take a little step back and make time for a project that’s just for their enjoyment. That’s when wonderful things can, and do happen.

This is where I am up to so far, I have another 10-15 people booked in over the next month too. I am really pleased that I decided to photograph each person differently. My original plan was to make the portraits more uniformed and part of a visual series.

The Subjects

Headshot of Ian Davies Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery
Charlie modelling
Photograph of Midnight Wires Lead singer Alex
Martine Broyelle portrait in my leicester studio
Elizabeth Gracie
Georgina Cornish

  To see my portrait portfolio head over to www.scottchoucino.com