New photography studio in Leicester

I have been very quiet on my blog since mid-November. I ended up with a huge shoot schedule through December after which I thought a weeks holiday was well deserved. When I returned I set about rebuilding my photography studio in Leicester. I have been in the new studio for over a year, but I hadn’t spent any time actually working on the space due to shoot commitments getting a little out of hand. Thankfully, in early January I was in a position to put aside 8 days to make the studio a friendlier space to work in.

Behind the scenes in commercial photography studio in Leicester

The photography studio build

Over the last year, my studio has been a bit of a sore subject/embarrassment. It was cold, had poor storage, looked a mess and was generally an unpleasant place to work in. Que a grand designs style project, going over budget and way over deadline. There was literally blood, sweat and tears. I didn’t get it all done and it is STILL a work in progress. However, I achieved a lot during the build and the studio is in a much better shape.

So far I have had an office build, additional storage, finally painted all of the walls and we have the bare bones of a kitchen and food styling area.  The studio seems far larger now and it’s a lot better organised (mostly thanks to Ali). So far I have shot 6 ad campaigns in there and the studio works like a dream.

Below is a 45 second video of the build which took about 8 days.

What’s next?

Over the next few months (shoot schedule allowing) I will have the kitchen completed, a prop room built and a wall replaced at the back of the studio. For now, I have a fully functioning studio with two loading bays, office space, meeting space, food styling and prep areas, plenty of storage and most usefully, 14ft high ceilings.

Below is a time-lapse of a food photography shoot with food stylist

Photography studio rental prices

I offer both wet and dry hire of my studio. This is on a flat day rate basis and comes, either equipped with lighting or as an empty space. I have had a range of clients and photography enthusiast use this space so far.

Half Day £150 (4 hours)

Full day £200 (8 hours) 

Additional hire of camera (5dmk2 + Canon 24-70 2.8L) £100

Additional paper usage (on top of white or black) £50 per colour

For more details head over to or contact me via email