2016 photography stats

4 Magazine Covers

216 photoshoots

3 music videos

3 photoshoots abroad

2 personal projects (continued through 2017)

45 rolls of film

6 TB of storage


around 10,000 cups of coffee

5 freelancers helping me deliver the work and generally make me a happier person. (Paul, Gaz, DWC, Rob and Shane)

My year in Photography 2016

My year in Photography 2016: This year has been so important to my growth and development, both professionally and personally. Through the course of 2016 my outlook in both areas has changed massively. I feel like a completely different person coming out of 2016 than I did entering it.

The biggest photographic changes have been getting my new studio. It is 3 times the size of my old one with amazingly high ceilings. The second major change was choosing to work with a manager/agent again. Working with Graeme at The Markham Group in London has made a massive difference to the way I live and work.

The start of 2016

The year started off a bit manic, with a stupid amount of photoshoots in the first 1/4. I was a bit stressed and overworked and it showed a bit in my personal life, so apologies to everyone I was a bit stressy with. Turning 30 certainly didn’t help!

After that, I decided it was time to get some help in. I spoke to a few friends and ended up going with Graeme, he is such a lovely man and he takes so much pressure off me. I am a lot more relaxed now than I was during the first 3 months of the year.

Getting things in order

The rest of the year went really well, I gained a few new national and international clients as well as working with some local businesses in Leicester for both photography and videography. I worked on a number of advertisement campaigns over the year, and for the first time, clients started asking me to design the styles and briefs myself. Which I took as a great compliment and thoroughly enjoyed.

If you look back at my work from 2015 you can hopefully see a massive improvement. I have always been really into lighting and this year something seemed to click and I feel really comfortable with my new style. I also honed my work a little to specialise in portraiture and food. (https://scottchoucino.com/top-15-photographs-from-2015/)

One of the biggest advantages to having Graeme onboard is having more free time. This has allowed me to work on two personal projects this year, that I plan to carry on into 2017 and perhaps beyond. Taking portraits of all the people I know and meet was the first personal project I picked up, you can read more about it here (https://scottchoucino.com/personal-portrait-projects/ and https://scottchoucino.com/melton-mowbray-cattle-market/)

Studio Move

The studio move was a very long and slow process. The studio I was working out of in Leicester had served me well over the last two years, but things were starting to change. At the start of 2016 I had some new clients who requirements were a bit more technical and my current space was too small. With the help of Dave and Paul, I set about making the move.

My London Road studio before moving out. It was a really nice space and had a great vibe.
This was the scary part. Moving into a massive empty unit and starting from scratch.
Leicester photography studio
This is how the new photo and video studio in Leicester currently looks. There is still a lot more work to be done, but it is certainly headed in the right direction
Calder was the first person to be photographed in my new studio. I am still finding bits of cut up paper now!

Portrait Photography

I am pretty sure that I took more people’s portraits in 2016 than I have done in any other year. Portrait photography is my biggest passion. I can’t imagine a world where this is not what I do for a job. I made a lot of big changes this year and one of them was a complete rework of how I approach my portrait photography.

My year in Photography 2016



Kevin Hewick portrait in leicester Portrait of Leicester Musician

gaz-birtles-1 scottchoucino-7





My current portfolio is here www.scottchoucino.com

Food Photography

Amongst other clients, I have done a lot of work with Woodrow Studios and Holly Bell this year.  Food photography is relatively new to my repertoire when compared to portraiture. Nevertheless, with some solid advice from top food photographer Howard Shooter, I feel like I am making good progress. I have been very fortunate this year to have some great people around me who can offer their advice and point me in the right direction.




My year in Photography 2016


My food portfolio can be found here https://scottchoucino.com/food-photographer-leicester/


As you may know, I love going to France. This year I managed 3 trips to Paris and Normandy. I also ended up shooting film for all three shoots, which was really great. Hopefully, in 2017 I will get to spend a bit more time abroad working.



Aerial Photograph of Leicester

I am not a landscape photographer. I just want to make that clear. However, I am very proud of my city scape of Leicester at sunset that I took toward the end of this summer. I am absolutely terrified of flying, so this was a big step for me. The final image was the result of a couple of hours flying around waiting for the smog to lift and the sun to peep through.

14424887_10153647521951685_4018586589422248558_o scottchoucino-3-1

Leicester Wedding Photographers

In 2016 Paul and I will be working on our new joint venture www.leicesterweddings.co.uk I met Paul about 5 years ago when I was assisting him at a wedding in Leicester. Over the years we have worked together on a load of projects and we now share a studio together. We are both really excited to be launching Leicester Weddings and we can not wait to begin shooting as a duo.


If you made it this far, well done. That was a bit longer than I expected.

I would like to say a massive thank you for your support through 2016 and I hope to be working with you all in 2017.

I send a news letter out once a month and I never pass your details on to anyone else. For updates on workshops, hints and tips to be a better photographer and a few personal musings sign up to my mailing list.