My Week In Pictures Pt8.


I am actually a bit surprised that I have managed to complete 8 weeks of “My Week In Pictures”. But I have been  bit tardy on the photography front this week. The busier I am, the fewer images I have to show for it. So I apologies at the slightly far fetched links from phone photos to what I actually got up to.



I spent all day Monday working on a couple of final images for a client. When I finally got them sorted, my friend Dave popped over for a coffee, which turned out to be VERY fortunate, as I was set to shoot The Libertines a couple of hours later, but when I picked up one of my 2 cameras and went to turn it on to make sure everything was set up correctly, something was not right. After trying everything I realised I was the proud owner of a rather expensive paper weight. I only had one other camera with me and the evening’s shoot needed two but Dave managed to save me a trip home to pick up my third camera when he miraculously pulled out a spare 5D. After the drama I headed off to Nottingham to photograph The Libertines. You can see a few more of my photographs here.



I headed out to the studio nice and early, I was in a super determined mood, it was accounts day. I managed (over 10 hours) to get all of my accounts up to date and filed away nicely. I really hate admin, but it is one of those things that you just have to get up and do. In the evening I headed over to the Dark Room to develop some film.





I had 2 headshot sittings during the day with some clients who I had worked with before. After this I headed back to the dark room to develop another roll of film. I only stayed there for an hour, and later I ended up in a fast food restaurant chatting to a friend until about midnight before I wondered home for some much needed sleep. I also found out that I got a cover in a local magazine.

Rutland Living Cover
Valentines front cover from rutland living






I filmed my latest free online photography workshop on Thursday. Then I met Phoebe at the station and we headed out for some grilled food and then some ice-cream. If you want to sign up for the workshop then head over to this link and sign up at the bottom of the page.






I had Friday off. This basically consists of eating my bodyweight in cheese and watching really trashy TV. I also watched The Grand Budapest Hotel again. This has got to be my favourite film ever. If you like your cinematography then make sure you watch this.





It was a 5:30am alarm clock day. Rob and I got to the studio nice and early to load all of our video gear into the car. We shot two music videos for “Bluebird Parade” and then I headed out with Phoebe in the evening.

Blue Bird Parade music video
Blue Bird Parade music video





Today I will mostly be working on my portrait portfolio before running around Leicester next week shooting press packs, headshots and a couple of editorial pieces.