My Week In Pictures.

My line of work often has a large delay between me taking a photograph and the photograph being published. If like me, you are super inpatient, it can be very frustrating when you have work you are really proud of sat on hard drives that you can’t share for a long time. I am often part of a much longer process in a campaign, there are still some images from the end of last summer that have not yet been released. So this week is going to have a few gaps, but hopefully I will have something to show for it very soon that I can share.


Admin day. I spent the entire day chasing invoices and building shoot briefs. I decided to work from home to give myself a change of scenery.  No matter how small a job is, it requires me to design a shoot brief with contingency plans to mitigate against any potential risks, raise an invoice and deliver the contract with terms and conditions. Because my work is so varied, this can take up a lot of time as each one is tailored. A lot of my photoshoots have external variable. The talent, the marketing company, the main client, locations, clothing, hair and make up, stylists and often products too. There are a lot of risks, my aim is to ensure that we have sufficient back up plans for all of these and ways to delivery to brief, on budget and on time if anything should stray away from the initial plan.



I shot at City Rooms on Tuesday. I can’t share much more about this shoot at the moment, but the images look epic. They should be out in the next couple of weeks.



I shot a bit of a secret project during the day at the studio, this will hopefully be finished by mid spring. After this I walked over to the Phoenix to watch The Reverent. It was an amazing film. If you like a bit of epic cinematography then I highly recommend it.



Another day at the desk (You spend a lot of time in front of a computer as a photographer). I worked on two videos that will be released at the end of the summer and then I spent some time updating my websites portfolio .

I also set up my new image delivery system, which should be sufficient for the next couple of years. At which point I will probably be looking at investing in some serious hardware.



I met with 4 companies that I hadn’t worked with before. It’s always nice to meet new people and to see if I can offer them something to help push their business forward.  Most of my clients use me in order to increase their sales, so working out if I am the right fit is really important. I tend to hold all my meetings in my studio now. This allows me to show people where and how I work, I also find background noise in cafes really distracting. After my meetings I did some more filming for my free online photography workshop, you can sign up by clicking here.



I had a last min booking to head down to London and cover a gaming tournament for ESL. This was a bit different to their arena styled tournaments and was held in a warm cosy pub. It was a pretty long day starting at about 6am at the studio to pack a bit of a “cover all bases” kit bag.  It was totally worth it though,  I love this natural documentary style of photography.




I am doing absolutely nothing apart from day dreaming and relaxing.


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