Christmas and New Year were a tad over indulgent. I took some time away from photography to socialise and reflect on the previous year and generally eat and drink everything in sight. So this was my first week back at work and I pretty much did non stop admin. I decided in advance not to take on any shoots  for one week so I could be sure that I started 2016 with no backlog and with everything in order.




A lot of coffee was needed on Monday. I think it was about 7pm before I had read all my emails. I worked from the studio and it was amazing. Having a bit of time off is really useful for motivation.1069819_10153108824671685_8528165452241337819_n 12465951_10153098487451685_5524349124236179569_o




Another day of replying to emails, I got my hair cut at Hair@1RD with Robin and then I headed over to Holly’s’ to give her a crash course in food photography. I got Ice Cream with dinosaur sprinkles! Go check out her blog!

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It was a bit less rainy on Wednesday morning so I had my coffee in the garden (I was well wrapped up). I then cycled over to the studio where I spent the rest of the day working on some images. I re arranged the layout of my studio over the festive period and . It is really nice having a bigger floor space and a nicer work area.

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It has defiantly got colder. My bike ride in on Thursday was a tad bracing. I then got a drum kit delivered from Premier Drums to play with in the studio, I am trying to come up with a new formula for photographing drum kits atm, there will be many hours spent over the next few weeks perfecting this. I then launched my free online workshop, more info over here .


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I spent half my day location scouting for 3 jobs. I love doing this, especially when I get given complete control over where we shoot, it doesn’t happen that often, so when it does I really embrace it. I managed to book in 2 locations within the first few hours too, so it was super productive! I then had a copy of Niche Magazine delivered where I shot a 6 page editorial just before Christmas. I spent the rest of the day scheduling in my next 2 months of photoshoots. I have some really cool new clients for 2016 and I can not wait to start working with them.


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