It was all about hibernation. I do really intense work stints and as a result, every now and then I have a day of sleep. You can only work 15-20 hour days in a row for so long before you need to recover. And Monday was that day. I think I slept for about 12 hours in total and ate everything I could see. It was glorious!


This is my go to breakfast when I have time, a 4 egg omelette, sea salt, spring onions and fresh tomatoes chopped up and placed on top.







I had my weekly business meeting with my adviser Laurence and then set about delivering some food images. My portfolio has now been updated and there is going to be another big update before Xmas. If you head up to the top of this page and hover over “Portfolio” and click on food or people then you will see my new work.







I am currently delivering corporate videos to 4 clients, so on Wednesday I was finishing video edits and rendering out footage at pretty impressive rate.


I left for the studio a bit later than normal as I had a LOT of emails to get through, it was nice cycling to work in the daylight.







Some of my film came back from UK FILM LAB so I spent the day looking at this, checking my notes from the shoots and making sure everything was working as it should do. I was really impressed with the results so I wrote a small blog post about how shooting 6×7  helps. I then headed off to Birmingham to do a photoshoot with Modesteps drummer.






I had a shoot with a small person. He was very critical of my work!

There will be more about this online over the next couple of days.






I photographed my last wedding of 2015. I think I finished backing up at 3am last night, by which point I was pretty delirious. The wedding was amazing and the portraits at College Court in Leicester look really contemporary and edgy. The building was so interesting and the couple were absolutely amazing.


I shot a lot of the day with my usual 35mm lens and natural light set up. This lens is so great for story telling at weddings.





Next week is a massive week for shooting, so I will be prepping, cleaning and generally bracing myself for a 6 day shooting stint. Most weeks I spend the majority of my time in front of a computer, so it is really exciting to have so much time behind the camera. December is absolutely rammed with shoots too!

I hope you all had a great and productive week.


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