This week was super productive and I practically lived in the studio. I have broken in my new shoes (Moved over to a pair of Dr. Marten’s
for a change), cycled to work every day,and  been blasting this  album (Kala) in the studio all week for some additional motivation. I have not played it for years and then I randomly found it in a box of CDs at work. WINNER!

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Sunday started with an epic breakfast made by Phoebe (banana muffins) and a lot of time contemplating the week ahead. I like to use my Sundays to prepare myself. I find it really useful to think about what I am grateful to have and fortunate to be able to do, and then think about what I want to achieve in the week. It really helps me to write this all down too.

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Monday The week started with a lot of coffee and meetings. I have only just started having my meetings in my studio and I can’t believe that I always used to head off to cafes to meet people! It is so much better bringing them to my place of work to show them what I do and how I do it.


I had two portrait sittings in the evening. The last one resulted in perhaps the best compliment I have had in a long time: “Oh my god, I had no idea I looked like this, I look like a model!” Showing people how beautiful they are is pretty much what I live for. Sometimes they need someone else to point it out to them because they can’t see past their insecurities.

Headshots were a big part of the week.



Tuesday  I had a load of great and productive meetings on Tuesday. I met with some new clients, old clients and some great friends. I also managed to shoot 3 headshot sittings on my new 6×7 camera.



Wednesday I met with the lovely Betty Brown who has a independent clothing shop in Leicester, and I did a maternity shoot both out on location and in the studio. The light was AMAZING!



Thursday I made a little time-lapse of what Thursday looked like. I met with my friend and amazing chef Tom to discuss some work that we will be doing together in early December, as well as Joe Hanney From Ufit studios in Leicester to take his portrait and show him the video work I have been doing for his company.







Friday My old school friend Gavin Dilkes came over in the morning have his headshot taken. We managed to drink far too much coffee and gossip like kids in the playground for a couple of hours. I got completely soaked 3 times that morning, it was tipping it down!

At around lunch time I headed over to St Martins House for the TBR networking event, where I met some really cool people and managed to snag a couple of glasses of bubbly.  After that it was back to the studio to clean up and close shop for the day. Being a one man band means you have to do EVERYTHING yourself. Sometimes it is drinking Champagne at lunch time, other times its sweeping the floors and cleaning the toilets.



Saturday was very uneventful, but as the nights draw in and the mornings become darker, I thought I would share this little tip that I use at this time of year: SAD Light Box . These things are amazing. A lot of people get S.A.D at this time of year or simply find it a bit harder to concentrate. When it gets dark outside, just pop one of these on to get your daily fix of sunlight. Nothing compares to the real thing, but this is not too far off.

Having suffered massively from depression in the past, I find this really keeps me on track at this time of year. I can not recommend it highly enough.


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Now it is time to contemplate next week’s schedule. Another set of headshots, portraits and networking in and around Leicester. I CAN’T WAIT!


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