As you may notice, I am a day late with this blog post. Last week was a tad busy. I had 2 new clients in, worked on a load of food photography and I shot a fashion piece for NICHE magazine. To aid my calm and slightly higher than normal caffeinated  state I have been listening to Winged Life by Sheer Water a lot!




Monday was ALL about the prep. I had lots of deliveries of props, I built the studio for food and we made a small kitchen.  I also had 3 really productive meetings about video and photoshoots in January 2016. Later on I got a cheeky drop off of Mince Pies from Holly. Go check out her amazing baking skills over here12316616_10153061220346685_409108455020260717_n



First day of food photography. I worked with Tom (food stylist) and Sophie who sourced props and styled. We created some really nice images on the first day of this shoot.





I had NICHE magazine in the studio with Betty Brown clothing. The magazine comes out in January and the images looked great.




Back to food photography. I had to get in early to turn the room around so lots of coffee was consumed! After this food shoot I shot the Christmas menu for the Lansdown bar.  This steak tasted as nice as it looked in the photograph.

12359873_10153061196796685_8422606980177312640_n ScottChoucino-4





From the last 3 weeks I had built up a bit of an admin monster, so I sat myself down in front of a computer and just cracked on with all the small jobs I had put to the side. Not the most interesting of days, but it is just one of those things I have to do.




Saturday and Sunday

I did something a bit different this weekend. I shot the ESL gaming finals. This was something that I didn’t even know existed, so when I got a call asking if I was available to shoot it I was really excited. I always enjoy learning about new fields of photography.

12304117_10153061196656685_394964094831724330_o IMG_8383






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