I have a lot of gear. Some of it I use on a daily basis, some of it only once in a blue moon. Yet, if I had to pick my favourite, these four items would stick out as my 4 must have pieces of photography equipment.

1.My Cámara Holga 120N  This camera is what I take out on day trips. I have shot album covers, magazine assignments and portrait sittings on it too. It is cheap, dreamy and a lot of fun. Point it in the general direction and just press the button. You can then head on down to Leicester Lo-fi on a Tuesday if you are in Leicester to get it all developed, scanned or printed. Make sure you buy one of these cheap and fun cameras.

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2.Lastolite Hotrod Octa. I have had this for 4 years. It was pretty cheap (sub £200) and it is so versatile. I use the Canon 580 ex2 flashes with pocket wizards so it lets me get F1.8 outside whilst destroying the ambient light.  We use this set up for very fast run and gun shoots, weddings, running round events and sometimes in the studio too.

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3.My Mamiya RB 67. This is a newer addition and an upgrade from my Bronica 645. This is my new go to portrait camera. I am using the 140mm Macro lens with floating elements at the moment. The images from this are so far ahead of anything Canon offers. That and being able to go over 200th of a second with real flash (not hyper sync, as with the pocket wizards) makes it a formidable camera. I am currently shooting with Kodak Portra 160.

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4.Sigma 35mm F1.4  This lens is amazing. I seem to see the world at a 35mm focal length so it suits me perfectly. It is sharp down at 5.6 and beautifully dreamy a F2.0. This lens does not leave my camera during weddings, events and documentary work. I usually pair it with a second camera with a 70-200 or 17-40 depending on the situation. These lenses are really affordable and if you shoot full frame on Canon or Nikon then you should really look at giving it a go. I had the Canon L for a short period of time beforehand, but this lens is just better in every way.

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