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Mc Donalds food photography and their food is a cult classic in the UK, and alongside the menu are a host of “need to know” orders and ways to eat your food. From simply swopping sauces through to the treble stack from the saver menu with Big Mac sauce in-between and to those (myself included) who like to dip our chips into the milk shake.

This series was shot over a rather long 12 hour Sunday in my spare time alongside food stylist Lola Faura https://lolafoodstylist.com/.

With Lola being from Spain, it was great explaining to her the odd things that we do with our McDonalds over here so she could help me realise those images. 

I worked with bold vibrate and very simple backgrounds to help mimic the new style of the Mc Donalds packaging that has recently been launched. All of the food in this test shoot was ordered via Deliveroo from a local Mc Donalds and is the real deal from the kitchen to our studio .Here is my take on Mc Donalds food photography

Mc Donalds Food Photography by Scott Choucino and Lola Faura

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burger duo2
Mc Donalds Food Photography
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