Lightroom Colour Grading Workshop – Leicester


This session ” Lightroom Colour Grading ” will be held from my photography studio in Leicester. Please note that it will be on a Wednesday evening as opposed to the usual Thursday evening sessions. Hopefully, I will be back to Thursdays by the end of the month. To book on, follow the link to eventbrite here

Using lightroom, I will cover how to colour grade and edit images to create good skin tones, interesting aestheitcs and to generally get your RAW files to where you want them to be.

portrait series

Although we will cover the nuts and bolts of lightroom breifly, this session will be more focused on how to get the look you want, rather than “this slider does this”.

Who is the workshop for?

This session is ideal for anyone who can’t get the final look they want, if you find that editing to your final image is more chance than a planned workflow or for those who are new to editing and want some tips on how to create good final edits.

The session will also be looking at what makes a good final edit and what makes a poor final edit.

There will be a set of RAW files

provided via dropbox/USB pens

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