After having eaten all of my friend Holly’s cakes, we sat down and had a bit of a sensible chat. We were doing a bit of brain storming about how someone like myself (not great with writing and words) could keep a weekly journal. Of course, it seems stupidly obvious now! Yet I have never actually taken an account of what happens week to week in my life. Some weeks are full of epic shoots on cool locations. Others are sat around in coffee shops watching the world pass by. So I am going to start my weeks on Sundays. Sunday is my official “day off” for the week so it makes sense to start here. Being a photographer in Leicester is not exactly a balanced lifestyle.


This week has been a particularly relaxed one, which is great, because as I sit down feeling pretty good about my energy levels, I am very aware that next week is going to be really busy!


So here is what I have been getting up to.



Testing my Mamiya camera



Diwali and a curry with Olly





Meeting with Holly (And little L) and CAKES!



Working on some images from a shoot the week before.



A general potter around Leicester on my bike running errands, posting film off and getting the usual dull stuff out of the way.

DSCF2471 DSCF2478





Extra time reflecting on where I am going and lots of tea in the morning.


DSCF2492 DSCF2503






Editing, lots and lots of editing.

IMG_0573 IMG_0574


My weekly trip to Leicester Market (one of my favourite things to do each week), followed by cooking my food for the next few days. I try to cook everything in large batches to save time throughout the week.

12193663_10153020899636685_5765146324978636492_n 12227115_10153020899926685_1033704003551274210_n


Later on in the evening I cleaned the  studio and had a portrait sitting

12140010_10153000605286685_3760556054776576667_o 12186644_10153015784676685_4635916268336750078_o



Phoebe came to help me sort out the masses of Tupperware out whilst she enjoyed a weekend away from Cambridge.





Lots of coffee and catching up on my reading. Holly lent me a food photography book and I read most of the Annie Leibovitz At Work.

11050225_10153013991076685_797334003630732552_n DSCF2490 IMG_0580



Family Birthday and fireworks





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