Leicester Photography Workshops

Over the last year, we have been planning on running a series of affordable workshops from our photography studio in Oadby, Leicester. However, life (or rather work) gets in the way and we always seemed to have something else going on or heavy shoot schedules.

A couple of days ago, I sat down with DWC  and Paul ( The chaps that I work in the studio with) and we decided to prioritise these workshops. Why? Because when we were starting out the only workshops available cost hundreds of pounds. Given photography is expensive enough with all the kit to buy, learning face to face was simply out of my reach. Yet it’s also the best and most efficient way to learn the craft.

Leicester Photography Workshops


What are Leicester Photography Workshops

These workshops are a way for us to teach people with an interest in photography (whether it’s amateur or professional) in bite-sized chunks at an affordable rate. They’ll be run on Thursday evenings from our studio. The first of which will be on the 8th of June at 6/6:30pm. There’s plenty of parking, tea, coffee and of course biscuits. Most importantly the emphasis for these workshops is to have fun whilst learning. We’re friendly and approachable and will ensure the content is varied to be useful to those just starting out and also helpful to those who make a living taking photos.


The first workshop will be all about lighting. How to shoot stunning portraits with one light, using the inverse square law to create dramatic light effects and how to pose your subject.







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What we will cover

One light portraits

The inverse square law and how to use it to create dramatic lighting

How to pose your subject


What should I bring with me?

A pen and notebook

Your camera equipment



Although we can help on the night, a basic understanding of manual exposure (F Stops, Shutter speeds and ISO) and composition would be beneficial.
For more information, please email me at scott.c@scottchoucino.com
You can see some of the work that I have produced in the studio at www.scottchoucino.com