A portrait of Ian Davies. Founder of  Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery


This is the second portrait sitting from my new project. This portrait is of Ian Davies, Founder of Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery. I met Ian Davies when I very first started photography. At the time I was unemployed and on a long term sick leave, I didn’t have a great amount going for me at the time. It would also be fair to say that I had a lot of free time on my hands. During this period I spent a my time in between Fabrika arts centre and the Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery . Ian gave me some great opportunities to have my work seen. Either through guest blogging,  exhibitions  or by allowing me to run small workshops in the gallery.

Sadly, Ian had a bout of bad health which led him to move on from the gallery, but we have stayed in touch  Ian is still active in both photography and politics within Leicester. It’s a shame that the gallery is no longer in the demand nor shape that it once was when Ian was at the helm. Nevertheless, Ian and the gallery gave me a great confidence boost and allowed me to surround myself with other creatives. I don’t think that I would have become a professional photographer without meeting him. It was a pleasure to have Ian sit for his portrait with me today.




Ian Davies Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery talking with his phone


Headshot of Ian Davies Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery

Ian Laughing in black and white


You can view a previous portrait sitting that I had with Elizabeth here https://scottchoucino.com/portrait-of-elizabeth-gracie/


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