5 reasons why I love Portrait Photography

If you have met me over the past 6 years, I have probably taken your portrait. It is the thing I do. I am not sure when it became a thing, but it is certainly a thing. I have been working as a portrait photographer for a few years now and I constantly question what I am doing. Photography is a broad art form and profession, so narrowing it down to portraiture could have been a difficult task. However, the subject I photographed with my first camera were predominantly portraits and it has just continued to be that way. So here is why I love portrait photography

I love people.

More than I love photography, I love people. I have always been drawn to people, even though I am deeply introverted myself. I am not sure if “peopling” can be a hobby, but if it can, then it is mine.  A few years back I had a go at taking a landscape photograph, it really did nothing for me. There was no excitment and no engagement. Portraits, on the other hand get me really excited. If I am shooting at 9am you can gaurentee I am up at 5am having hardly slept and being raring to go.

Charlie in 70s surfer clothes

 I get to meet amazing people.

From rock stars hanging out backstage to extraordinary people who have achieved great success or have led really interesting lives. One of the biggest perks of the job is meeting people. I have made some great friends along the way too. Where ever I travel to for photo shoots, I tend to know someone I can meet up for a coffee with or I will have friends to show me around a new city.

I love portrait photography

It Gives me a Voice

I am not great at writing and my stick man drawings are often bettered by a 2 year old. Portrait photography allows me to explain how I see the subject. I don’t always get complete creative control, but when I do I like to make it count. I look for the small nuances and mannerisms that make the person and I try to bring that out in the portrait. It is something that brings me great pleasure and hopefully something that my subjects enjoy too. I spend more time getting to know the subject than I do actually taking photographs.

Alan Davies Leicester Comedy Festival

It is permanent

One of the many bad things about growing up, is that you start to lose people who are close to you. One of the main reason I photograph my friends and family is to keep a recording of how I see them. I find snapshots often don’t show the personality of the subject as well as a thought out portrait can do. Having this permanent record of the people I know and love is really important to me.

Headshot of Martine

It has taught me to see the world differently.

For a few years (many moons ago) I was a cyclist, I spent 2-5 hours a day cycling around what might have been beautiful countryside. I wouldn’t know, I was too busy cycling and training to actually take it all in. For years I had felt like I walked around with blinkers on for the first 24 years of my life before I discovered photography. Now I take great pleasure in the smallest of things. Photography has changed the way I see people and the way I see the world. It has made my quality of life so much greater just by being able to see the beauty in the world around me.

portrait of lady with shaved head

You can see my full portrait portfolio at www.scottchoucino.com

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