Headshot photographer based in Leicester.

I have been a headshot photographer in Leicester for 6 years. There is something simple and beautiful about focusing just on the person and who they are. Having worked with professionals, celebrities and actors for headshot sessions, it is something that I have a wealth of experience in. A good headshot is key to promoting oneself in the digital age we now live in. Most people will google you before they meet you, the first impression is now a virtual one.

What makes a great headshot?

There are several key aspects to a great headshot. The most important of which is making sure that it portrays you as a person. This is why our sittings generally last around 2 hours. It is so important to make sure that the image both looks like you and portrays you in the correct light. You really don’t want to rush or skimp on your headshot.

How do I take great headshots?

Over the years, my practices have changed. I now spend as much time getting to know you and understanding who you are as I do taking your photograph. I good percentage of my sitters are not used to having their portrait taken, this can be a daunting prospect for many. Taking time to relax you and to explain how I am going to get the best out of you from the sitting has proved to be of great importance. The human element in headshots is the most vital aspect. The fancy cameras and lights merely help capture it.

What style of headshot should I have?

This comes down to two main points. The first of which being the profession you work in. Going for something extremely creative if you are working in finance is probably not going to do you any favours, in the same way, an overly serious portrait for someone working in the arts would not be suitable.  Working out what works for you and your profession is really important. This is why I work with a fully tailored approach to suit the individual. 

Where are we based?

I take the majority of my headshots in my Leicester based photography studio. I also travel to locations with a portable studio. This is particularly useful if you have multiple members of staff requiring headshots.

You can see my full portfolio at www.scottchoucino.com

For bookings please contact scott.c@scottchoucino.com