My First Advertisement Photoshoot

Before we get to My First Advertisement Photoshoot. I thought id briefly explain how I got to this point. I got my first ever camera about 7 years ago, it was a Panasonic point and shoot that I purchased in HongKong whilst renewing a visa for work that I was doing in Shanghai at the time. After I returned from Asia to complete a post-grad in physiology I purchased a Bronica ETRSi and a Pentax ME Super. I developed the film at home and snuck into a university IT room to scan the negatives in. At some point, I ended up shooting for a couple of indie magazines taking portraits and shooting gigs in Cardiff and Leicester. Fast forward a couple of years and I was almost ready for my first advertisement photoshoot.

As the years went by I  started to take bookings from small companies and a lot of bands. During this time I was shooting the Monographs front covers and working with my friend Hitz doing wedding photography. After shooting a wedding for about 12 hours in Birmingham Hitz and I headed back to Leicester. When arrived I received a phone call about shooting a gig with a few big names performing. I rocked up in my suit from the wedding and blagged my way backstage where I managed to get some pictures of Tom Meighan and Zak Starsky hanging out.

Getting the booking

A few days later I put them in a blog and I received a phone call to go and shoot a band for Premier Drums. I think it was Rizzle Kicks in Birmingham. This sort of work was very common at the time, so I headed off and cracked on with the job. A little while later Premier Drums asked me if I would shoot an advertisement for them in my studio (NOTE: I didn’t have a studio at this point).

At the time I was working with Angie from Artistic Industries.  I gave Angie a phone call and tasked her with finding a studio for me. I was also a little light on equipment. Being a late starter into the world of photography, the equipment I owned was pretty limited.  I managed to get hold of about 10 Bowens heads, modifiers, a 5Dmk2 and a 90mm TS-E lens for the shot.

When the shoot came around, I had done about 5 photoshoots in my new studio that I was renting from Pugsy who co-owns the Orange Tree group. The day before, the client came down with the drums and started building the set. Later that evening Paul turned up with a car full of gear and we began preparing for the following days photoshoot.

My First Advertisement Photoshoot

The Photoshoot

On the day of the photoshoot the drummer, film crew, Premier Staff and owner turned up throughout the day. We ended up with some ridiculous 10 light set up to create a very British feeling for the photoshoot. I have always been a firm believer that you can learn how to do anything from a book. So during the week before I pretty much taught myself studio lighting by reading 15-20 books on the subject. The internet is a great resource for beginners, but if you need to know anything a bit more technical or high end, you really need to buy a book.

Advertisment photoshoot

The photoshoot ran very smoothly and the client was pleased with the images. Everyone slowly filtered out of my new studio and headed back home. After the photoshoot Paul and I headed to the bar below the studio . I felt a great sense of accomplishment. At the time I still had a full time job in London. This meant that I was booking days off work in order to do photoshoots. After this image was taken I decided to leave my day job and follow a career in photography.

And that is how I shot my first advertisement photoshoot

My First Advertisement Photoshoot

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