E-Commerce and Product Photography in Leicester Photography Studio

I have been working with E-commerce and Product photography in Leicester for the past 6 years. Alongside my lifestyle photography, many of my clients also require basic product shots and hero shots for their online stores. The lifestyle work sells the idea, the e-commerce and product photography help to sell the item.

E-Commerce photography

E-Commerce photography is vital for all online shops. Clearly showing the product and how it works through a series of photographs to ensure the customer is buying the correct product for them. Often shot on a white background to follow the trend of most commerce websites being white, this form of photography should be crisp, clear and uncluttered.

Product Photography

Product photography is very similar to E-Commerce. Often used for different intentions,  this slightly moodier photograph offers a midway point between E-commerce and lifestyle photography. I have worked with a wide range of products that offer photographic challenges with curved chrome and glass to tackle

Hero Shots

These are the money shots. They show your product in the best light. This gives both the client and myself the possibilities to get really creative. From action shots through to elaborate set builds, the hero shots offer the wow factor that your business needs to get noticed.

You can see my full portfolio at www.scottchoucino.com