Nostalgic Christmas Drinks

Do you remember your first festive drink? My life long love of eggnog based cocktails can definitely be traced back to my Grandma sneaking me a snowball whilst no one was looking. These days advent hasn’t officially started until I indulge in a cherry laced snowball with an icing sugar dredged mince pie chaser. If Home Alone happens to be on the TV too, well, I’d call that a perfect night in. 

I recently shot this series of images with food stylist Mandy Thompson and retoucher Bhavesh Sonigra. I hope they provide that nostalgic Christmas drinks inspiration for your party this year.

Nostalgic Christmas Drinks
After Party
1980s Office Party drinks trolley
Office Drinks Trolley
1980s Babycham drinks
Babycham and Roche
Classic Snowball cocktail for nostalgic christmas cocktails
Snowball cocktail and devilled eggs

Professional Drinks Photographer based in London

Scott Choucino is a professional drinks photographer based in London, if you have a project that you would like to commission him for you can reach out directly to or via his agent Lisa Pritchard Agency . You can see his full drink portfolio here.

Greggs Campaign

If you have been anywhere in London or in any Greggs store recently you will have seen the new Greggs campaign for their pumpkin spiced latte.

The campaign was directed by Drummond Centrals creative team and produced by my agent Lisa Pritchard Agency. We worked with  talented stylists Lola Faura and retoucher Bhavesh in order to create bold and graphic still and moving images of their coffee.

Here are a small selection of the still life images that we captured for the campaign.

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Meals on a fork photographs

Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

My latest project is now complete! I worked with food stylist Mandy Thompson and retoucher Bhavin Sonigra on this four shot study of complete meals on a fork. Though deeply undignified to eat, (and believe me, given my somewhat ‘developed’ beard it wasn’t pretty), each mouthful is the perfect balance of ingredients to encapsulate classic, homely dishes. Bold and graphic, though delicate and deliberate, this project is a tribute to the beauty in the very food that’s right under our noses. 

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Meals on a fork photographs

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Classic School Dinners Photography

I hope you’re keeping well? 

Although I’ve been super busy working on a couple of exciting OOH campaigns for the UK and Europe, there’s always time for working on personal projects. Call them sanity savers, creative explorations, whatever, but they’re a joy and a pleasure, especially when working with food stylist Jess Tofts and retoucher Bhavin Sonigra.

Our latest project is a study of classic school dinner fodder from our childhoods; cornflake tart, chocolate slab and of course vegetables that’ve been boiled within an inch of their lives.  I hope you enjoy my project looking at Classic School Dinners.

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Classic School Dinners From the UK

I think most of us have some form of strange relationship with our school dinners. Either fond memories of carbs on carbs, or the fear of the overcooked vegetables and mystery meet. I hope you enjoyed this series. You can see more of my work here and get in touch for commercial bookings via this page or direct to my agent Lisa Pritchard Agency.

Drink pour photography

Drinks are beautiful to photograph, but sometimes you need that action shot of the liquid hitting the glass, a different perspective on the perfect drink perhaps, thats where drink pour photography comes in. The images below are part of a recent project looking at the beauty of a perfect drink being made.

These images were taken from my commercial studio working with retoucher Bhavin Sonigra and food stylist Holly Bell. I hope you enjoy the images. You can find more of my work here.

Professional Commercial Drink Photographer London – Drink Pour Photography project

Scott Choucino is a professional commercial drink, food and still life photographer represented by Lisa Pritchard agency. You can find a full overview of my commercial work here. If you would like to discuss a project or commission me for a commercial job you can get in touch vie email at or phone myself or my agent directly by following this link. You can also find my full commercial drink photography portfolio here.

Recently we have been working with Gopuff, Dolmio, and Doritos Crisps.

Furniture Photography

As part of an entirely new body of work I would love to share with you my new furniture photography. I took these alongside K.G Curates and retoucher Bhavin Sonigra. Working with in trend colours from this years interior designs we set about creating some bold and graphic product photographs of this amazing furniture for use on social media.

I hope you enjoy the work. If you want to see more of my product photography, food or drink, then head to my main portfolios here

Furniture Photography

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Artistic Food Photography

Part of being a creative is being able to let your artistic flare direct you. For this series of images working alongside retoucher Bhav Sonigra and food stylist Holly Bell we looked at turning every day foods into modern day works of art. Using bold, graphic and vibrant sets and crisp hard light, this artistic food photography was used to really give these every day items their 15 minutes of fame.

Artistic Food Photography series by Scott Choucino

Pro Food Photographer

Scott Choucino is a professional food, drink and still life photographer represented by Lisa Pritchard Agency. You can see more of his work and his full portfolios here

Amazing Meal Deal Food Photography

If you live in the UK, you will have no doubt at some point hit up one of the major supermarkets in order to grab a classic British meal deal. A sandwich, packet of crisps, chocolate bar, and a nice can of pop. I think you would be hard pushed to find a Brit who hasn’t had a meal deal. Sadly they are often overlooked for their culinary delights, and although not gourmet, they do hold a special nostalgic place in my heart and we’re very much part of my routine when I worked in the city.

Working alongside Boss Management food stylist Fiona Connor and retoucher and digital tech Bhavin Sonigra we set to create a bold, graphic and vibrant reproduction of the classic British meal deal food photography. Utilising vibrant coloured backgrounds and hards lighting to make sure the food really popped off of the page.

We went for an image per day ending with a classic for Friday (we all deserve a treat at the end of the week)

Meal Deal Food Photography By Scott Choucino

Professional Food Photographer

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Hangover Food Photography

Farewell dry January. I hope you enjoy my hangover food photography. It’s time to unleash the best hangover cures. Me? I’m all about the full English just as long as it includes hash browns; I’ve never met one I didn’t like. This series was shot in my studio just before Christmas with food stylist Mandy Thompson, just before I kicked off 2022 working on a gummy bear project with an Australian client (can confirm sugar plus gelatine is a fine morning after the-night-before treat). This year has also seen the UK launch of the GoPuff campaign I shot with AMP London. It’s already out in France, but there’s nothing quite like seeing my work when out and about.

Fry Up Hangover Food Photography

As you can probably tell, my go to hangover food to photograph, and to eat is a classic British fry-up. You can see more of my food photography here and you can find my work on my photography agents website over here

Miniature Worlds Made From Food Photographs

I am sure you have seen worlds made from food before. It was all the trend a few years back, but at the time it wasn’t really something that interested me. The first image in this series was shot for my youngest, an avid broccoli hater. I thought it would be funny to make an image showing him where broccoli comes from. Once we had shot that though it seemed only logical to try something more in my style, which is where the stark image of the toffee apple forrest came from. It has a slightly other worldly look to it and nothing really adds up.

Food Stylist

I worked closely with food stylist for this shoot. The attention to detail required for this sort of scene needed many hands on set. And the toffee apples had to be freshly made to be as perfect as possible for the series of images we were trying to create. Christina Murray was the perfect choice for the Worlds Made From Food project.

Food Photography Retouching

The final images were composited in with photographers of sky by retoucher Sophie Bronze and then colour graded by myself. I have worked with Sophie on a couple of personal projects as well as a recent ad campaign for GoPuff in France and in London.

You can find my full food photography porfolio at