It has been a bit of a hectic week. A new large project has taken up a lot of time and I had a few last min changes of plan.



I started nice and early and cycled into work for about 7:45 am. I had Premier Drums in and we shot both video and stills for one of their kits.

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I had two headshot sittings on Tuesday. The rest of the day was spent purchasing hard drives and doing a large back up.  Later on I nipped over to Holly’s to see my fave little man and eat some pancakes!

Some nice crisp light for Tuesdays first headshot sitting.
Some nice crisp light for Tuesdays first headshot sitting.





I spent the morning catching up on admin and organising shoots. I also spent a fair chunk of the day working on the new secret project :D. In the afternoon I headed out to Rutland Golf Course to shoot a magazine cover for Niche.





Niche Magazine booked me out on Thursday to do headshots for their contributors. It was great to have so many people passing through the studio in one day. It is not normal to have more than one or two people come in one day due to the nature of my work, so this was a really nice change of pace.  I had a meeting later in the evening and finally managed to leave the studio at about 1am




I was supposed to be shooting in London on Friday, but the shoot had to be put back a week. This meant a morning working at home and sleeping in until 9am!  I moved a lot of meetings from next week into the afternoon to try and give myself a bit of a head start. In the evening I went to the Rendall MunroeDinner in Stoughton.

Rendall Munroe in his gym during a recent photoshoot.




A quick iPhone photo from last nights wedding.

I photographed my first wedding on 2016 yesterday. I am not doing many weddings anymore, so it was really exciting to get stuck in.





Today I am finishing off a workshop that I am running at the Lansdowne (more info here). I then have a portrait sitting with Weikie in the evening.

Matt Elliot


I hope you all had a great week!