5 things I will change in 2017

There are 5 things I will change in 2017 to try and live a happier life. To put this into context, my main aim for the year is to be happier with my lifestyle and to create some form of balance. This is pretty broad, but without boring you with the “2017 manifesto” there are some key aspects that I am going to change in 2017 to get closer to my goals.

1. Work Hours.

I am very guilty of tapping away at my laptop on the sofa until the early hours of the morning. After a bit of research and analysis, I have realised just how daft this is. I now have an annual, monthly, weekly and daily planner. Once my days’ work is done, I stop. If that’s at lunch time or 6pm.  My productivity 10 hours into a working day isn’t even worth monitoring, yet 2016 saw me venturing into such territory on a daily basis.

5 things I will change in 2017

2. Personal Work

I get more bookings from personal work than I do from the commercial work within my portfolio. This might seem a bit counter-intuitive, but commercial clients book me based on my personal work, to produce what is then my commercial work. Which is often very different in style. Toward the end of 2016 I did a lot of personal work and my photographic and lighting skill set improved dramatically. When doing commercial work I tend to work within myself, I can’t afford to make mistakes. Yet, during personal work I can really push the boundaries. 2017 will see a lot of personal projects being started.

Kevin Hewick

3. Socialise more

“I am too busy with work to come out today” is my usual line, and let’s be honest, I could really do with a break from my desk most of the time. I am going to invest a lot more time into socialising with friends both old and new in 2017. Time with friends is so important to yours and their happiness.  It’s also amazing how the smallest sentence from one of your friends can send you off in an entirely new direction with your work.

I work by myself a lot, so making sure that I go out and see people for coffee or for a beer after work is crucial to my sanity.


4. Read more.

Whenever photographers ask me for advice on improving their skill set, the most common piece of advice I give is to read more. This is something that I let slip toward the end of 2016. So I now have a reading list attached to my 2017 work schedule that coincides with my monthly learning goals. And yes…. I like structure.

Library built in studio

5. Be more personal with my work.

I am not comfortable with writing. I find it very difficult. A bi-product of this is that I end up sounding like a robot. I am also really shy, so the only place I currently use videos are on Instagram. This is something that I want to push myself to do a bit more often through 2017.

Explaining my work is something that I have really failed at in the past. Hopefully, through 2017 I will be able to get across my rationale and thought process employed through my work.

scott choucino portrait


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