5 things I didn’t know about being a pro photographer.

When I decided to become a professional photographer, I didn’t really know many people who were doing what I was setting out to achieve. In my head I had a lot of ideas about going to great locations to shoot really interesting projects. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change my career to anything else. However, there were a few things I hadn’t realised from the off.

1) You don’t take pictures all day every day. This may sound daft, but I assumed that photographers just take photos all the time. In some areas they do, in advertisement however, everything is far more calculated. I can often go days  without taking a photograph. This turned out to work really well for me. I prefer to plan a lot for my photoshoots and I have never been a fan of taking photographs for the sake of it.




2) No one cares what equipment you use, as long as it works. The only people who want to know what cameras you use are other photographers. Clients do not care, as long as you get the job done.





3) Shooting is exhausting. I put a lot of myself into my images. After an 8 hour photoshoot I am completely spent and I basically talk gibberish until I put myself to bed. I get a strange satisfaction in this, but I never imagined how taxing photography would be compared to my old project management job.




4)When you get time off, all of your friends are at work. It is Tuesday, 10am and I am ready to go and have a lovely day off. Only problem is, all of my friends are at work! Photography, for the most part doesn’t really follow a Monday to Friday 9-5 working week.



5) You have to know everything. Photography is super competitive. If you are not on top of your game, someone else will take the work from you. I find photographers split into 3 camps: all rounders, technical photographers and creative photographers. Each of these types of photographer must know exactly what they are doing. If you are predominantly technical, then you must know the correct ways to light a piece of metal to give it the right shape. If you are from the creative camp, then you need to know what is fashionable in your field right now.



There will always be new challenges, and I will always embrace learning about new aspects to my profession.

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