I think I watch YouTube more than I watch TV these days. Among the annoying click bait riddled channels are a few gems. Here are my 5 hidden gems on YouTube

5 Hidden Gems on YouTube

Zack Arias

Zack is no longer a regular YouTuber (much to my dismay), but when ever he uploads anything I am straight on it. His no nonsense approach and pragmatic view to the photography profession is brilliant. It is easy to relate to Zack too, he doesn’t go around hyped up talking about how great his life is, he keeps it real and talks about the daily struggles of being a jobbing photographer. Zacks’ videos are perhaps some of the most inspiring videos that I have ever seen. They have had a great impact in the way that I have sculpted my photography career, I even grew a beard. 

If you ever need any common sense beating into you, he is a great person to get it from.

The Art Of Photography

Ted runs a channel named the art of photography, there are a few gear reviews on there, but the main reason to visit is for his almost essay format videos on anything from discussing a simple theory to an in-depth look at a certain artists work. The channel is great for anyone who would rather intellectualize photography than see if they need to upgrade their camera to the latest rumored release.

The Bite Shot

I am a food photographer, which is why this makes its way into my list. The channel has some great tips for beginners who want to learn a few inside secrets while being easy to watch and fun to work along to. Although it doesn’t cover any advanced technical topics, this is a great first stop if you want to get into food photography and Joanie is a great host.


Alex has an amazing Youtubechannel. I have been watching his videos for years. He has an incredibly in depth knowledge of product and still life photography and his videos act as a great resource for anyone facing a difficult scenario. With actual real life problem solving videos, his channel is ideal for anyone who wants to up there technical abilities beyond the average camera club photographer.

You can see my full food photography portfolio over at www.scottchoucino.com