Choosing my 5 favourite photographs.

As with most of my ideas, I was in and out of sleep one morning and having my usual rambling dreams. In one of these “episodes” I was supposed to be presenting my 5 favourite photographs to a client. Obviously, I didn’t have them with me and I was wearing a ridiculous outfit and had only realised as I opened the door.

In a bid to be prepared for this eventuality, I thought I should put together a blog post of my 5 favourite photographs, just to be sure that I don’t get caught off-guard. I should also probably throw away any bad outfits that I am holding on to, kidding myself that I will fit into those clothes I purchased 10 years ago.

These are not my 5 best photographs, but they are the ones that mean the most to me.

City Scape of Paris at Sunset

I took this city scape of Paris the week after I left my day job, 2.5 years ago. Straight after leaving, I headed over to Paris to visit old friends, photograph some street photography of Paris Fashion week for a publication and to re fresh my mind a little before heading out into the world of professional photography. The trip was well worth the while and I came back to the UK raring to go. This is the only time I have visited the Eiffel tower, even though I have been to Paris a lot. The sky was absolutely amazing that evening and I managed to get a handful of city scapes.


Portrait of Martine

I met Martine in Shanghai a few years back, before I had started photography. We met under far from normal circumstances but, I am really glad that we did and that we’ve stayed in touch ever since. Martine is a truly amazing lady, I took these two portraits when she came over to the UK to visit.

Headshot of Martine

Portrait of Elizabeth

I met Elizabeth years ago when she modelled for a wedding dress designer in some studio. This wasway before either of us knew what we were doing. Elizabeth recently came to my new studio for a portrait sitting. I had a load of ideas that I had wanted to try for ages, but always felt a bit intimidated by. I set half a day aside, got out the big cameras and managed to take this portrait. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

5 favourite photographs

Portrait of Louise

This portrait was taken in my old studio. I was testing ideas out and trying to really par back my portraits. For a long time before this, I was trying to impress photographers and myself with the complexity of some of my portraits. I think that this was the first portrait I took where my only focus was on the subject. I kept everything as simple as possible and it changed the way that I worked with people going forward.

portrait of lady with shaved head

Music Lover from Leicester

This portrait was taken as part of a series. For 4 years I photographed LOADS of gigs. To the point where I felt I had seen most things and it was getting a bit repetitive. I decided to turn my camera on the fans that attended. This was the first personal project that I completed, and I managed to get it published in a handful of magazines and papers.

Leicester Music Fan


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