Watch.This.Space Fashion Shoot

I may not seem like the most fashionable person (tucking my vest into my underpants to stop a nasty up-draft on a cold day being a prime example). However, I do love fashion and can count myself as an observer of this great creative art. When the opportunity arose to work with Stephanie Macdonald-Walker from Watch.This.Space, talented hair stylist Louis William Driver, Make up artist Ketna Butron, who I finally got to work with and stylist Matthew Lucas, I thought it as good a chance as any to push my boundaries and try and portray their great work with my own interpretation.

I always like to start off with some simple headshots; this beautiful headdress really fills the frame and adds depth to the image.
Indian head dress
Even from a distance, the make up that Ketna did really makes this portrait stand out.
Charlie has a really good bone structure, so I decided to take a profile portrait to show this off. This was also a good chance to show Charlie’s hairstyle that Louis had created; giving it a great form that complimented the overall shapes in the photo
I thought I would mix things up a bit by going for some compositions that I would perhaps not try with most clients.


After taking a few photos in the studio, we headed outside to do some environmental portraits.
I used Yvonne and Charlie together in the images to add to both the composition and story.
Harsh lighting is something I don’t tend to turn to as much in my work. I use flash in almost all of my portraits, but this is often to create lighting situations that lean towards natural, rather than the more dramatic effect created in this shot.
Again, I was using the two models to add depth and interest to the images.
As the sun set, we used the security lights to rim light the models whilst a flash lit up their faces. I love the mix of colour temperatures in this image.
The last image from the shoot was lit by a neon sign coming through a shop window on London Road. I had just enough time to shoot 3 frames before the usable light had vanished from the sky.


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Posted on: March 20, 2014