Photography Workshop in Leicester

We will be running a completely NEW photography workshop in Leicester again this year. It has been a while since the last one, so we have completely re designed the workshop and added a load of additional content. I have been working loads over the last 6 months on various photos shoots and I have used so many new techniques to create images, so I am going to be adding a lot of these to the new workshop.  Still focusing on portraits, this time we will head out on location around Leicester as well as shooting in my studio on London Road, Leicester.

To make sure everyone gets the most out of this workshop, it will be limited to only 6 people on Saturday the 9th of May.

This time the main themes will be;


  • Concept
  • Setting up the photo shoot
  • Composition
  • Lighting (in studio and on location)
  • Post Production


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The workshop will be based predominantly in my studio in Leicester



We will be looking at using light and composition for different purposes and end results.
There will be a large proportion of the photography workshop based around concept and perspective
We will also look at creating studios on location with minimal equipment to create dynamic and interesting portraits.
Subject interaction will also be looked at in detail.
Using studio lighting on location to create images that the human eye can not see like this portrait at Leicester race course
Creating moods in portraits will also be looked at within the workshop. Subtle choices in clothing and accessories etc.
Using one light to create a flattering portrait
We will also look at the theory behind creating complicated lighting set ups in a studio and set building
Using negative space to create drama
Creating interesting effects to add more depth to images with lighting
Product placement and lighting for commercial shoots will also be discussed



Posted on: April 6, 2015