Superevolver recording their new album

 I shot these some time ago now. One of the many many many photoshoots I did that never really saw the light of day. So, I thought it was about time I blogged some of them.  The images were taken in the bands studio some time in January, I think. It was cold and dark […]

Moving Mirrors

I had the pleasure of photographing the lads from Moving Mirrors. They are a really good up and coming band, so it was a great pleasure to work with them. You can see some of their videos and listen to some of their recordings here.   The shoot was set to be a pretty long […]

Shoot with Helen Claire

I had the pleasure of shooting Helen Claire over the weekend. She is a really elegant looking model with a very classic look about her. I wanted to go for something very sophisticated and looking a bit retro. As always, the day before was a massive charging marathon, formatting of cards and getting all of […]

Kagoule at The Cookie

I was back shooting at The Crumblin’ Cookie last night (yes, I know I spend too much time there). Tinny who owns The Cookie had recently had a new monster of a PA installed as well as a new lighting set up which good as it allowed me to try a few different things. The […]

Livingroom gig

I have been super busy in 2013. Sadly I have little that I can show on the internet from it all. A lot of the jobs wont be released until later in the year, if at all. I do however have HEAPS of images that I have never exported from Lightroom in 2012.  During the back […]

Back to film…. again

      To start with, I was getting a bit fed up with gearheads and tech talk ALL THE TIME. I then started to feel my images were not standing out enough. Not in terms of composition or subject matter mind. I have been very fortunate in the subjects I have shot. It was […]

Comedy Festival

I do like a good head shot. I think a lot of my portraits end up being of just the upper half of the subject at most! Which is a stark contrast to my live and documentary work where I like to shoot wide and get as much of the environment in as possible. I […]

Test shoot

I recently had a trip down to a local industrial estate to test a new bit of kit. Having recently invested in the pocket wizard system, I wanted to test out a few bits and pieces before a big job I had in the very near future. So off we headed (Thanks to Josh Rai […]

Recent night out

So, I had not been to a gig for a while. It had been a blur of portrait shoots and events and I fancied just heading out somewhere nice (this time The Musician in Leicester city center) and having a nice pint. I took my camera along (trying to take my camera out more when […]