Looking back at my photography in 2013

So 2013 has been a pretty darn good year!


I photographed Kasabian, Pete Doherty, The South, Wolf Alice, and The Darkness, shot two small magazine covers and photographed a few days of the Midnight Wire tour (never again!). I shot a HEAP of weddings with my good friend Hitesh, photographed some fashion shoots, ballet and modern dance, and many head shots.

I now have a Manager (Angie Allen), who is really helping me to move in the direction I want and I also moved into my first photographic studio in Leicester. I ran several small, successful workshops that were well attended and this blog has been slowly growing in popularity. 

Not EVERYTHING went according to plan though. My personal project never got off the ground and therefore failed in an epic fashion and I broke a LOT of camera equipment leading to some pretty stressful moments. I regularly worked until the early hours of the morning and then started again at half past ‘stupid’ the same day. I missed a lot of parties, social events and family gatherings, having less than 10 days off all year! But, beside the personal project, I achieved everything I set out to this year and I am now looking forwards to 2014.

Just some of the things I’m planning for 2014 are, to run more comprehensive workshops, making them longer and covering areas in more depth whilst still keeping to 5-6 people per class. Working with some wonderful new clients who are giving me a lot of creative control, which is always good! Shooting a number of weddings in Leicester, some of which will be all on film and increasingly using my studio for commercial head shots, artist head shots, fashion work, portraiture and, of course, the acoustic sessions. 

The Monograph
The latest Monograph issues cover that I shot with Clubs.
The original un cropped photo of one of Leicesters top bands.
This was one of the most enjoyable shoots of 2013. Surrender The Coast
Tom from Kasabian looking my way whilst I take a photo of the band with all the press present. Certainly one of my favorite photos of the year.
At the start of 2013 I had two main aims. Getting a studio and shooting Kasabian. This photograph was taken a matter of weeks before I got my first studio space. By coincidence we all ended up in the bar below my soon to be studio to send the images off.
Shooting dance at Welland School of Ballet in Stamford with some of their talented pupils was a lovely break from the my usual subjects. It is certainly something I will be looking to work more on in 2014



I thought I would try bringing my music promo shoot style into dance. Focusing on simple lighting set ups and lots of movement.
This cover was the most last min shoot I had ever done. A couple of hours before we were trawling around Tesco’s looking for inspiration.


As a long time Libertines fan shooting Babyshambles was a real treat for me. They did not disappoint.


I shot a LOT of medium format film in 2013. This is something I will certainly continue to do in 2014
Some bands just look cool, no matter what!
Midnight Wire backstage at their secret gig.
I discovered Wolf Alice on youtube, then they were on the cover of NME and then a week later I got to do a shoot with them. Lovely people and they were really good to see live
Singer Songwriter Matt Henshaw outside my studio on London Road
The South (The Beautiful South) on the sofa in my studio
Sat with my girlfriend Roisin just after moving in.

I have had lots of help and support from lots of people, for which I am very grateful. People have given me lifts to shoots, loaned me exotic lenses, helped me get access to shoot certain people and put up with me being a pain in the behind sometimes, demanding the near impossible at shoots!

Toward the back end of the year I started doing acoustic sessions too.

Acoustic sessions leicester
EVERYONE who comes into my studio for a band shoot gets a photo on my sofa and the opportunity to perform one of their tracks for my acoustic sessions on youtube.

Elizabeth modelling for me whilst I was experimenting with some film.
Marta in FIrebug

Martin Luke Brown Head shot

Fashion photoshoot with model Elizabeth Gracie
Portrait of We Three And The Death Rattle back stage at HandMade Festival Leicester
The Day Dream Club messing about with some cake (Yes Mum, I made sure we put bin bags down first and we cleaned up the mess before is started to fester)
Neon Sarcastic watching the sun set after a photoshoot with me on a rooftop in Leicester
Elizabeth modelling a black dress in Nottingham during a photoshoot with me.
Sarah was the first dancer I photographed. I was really pleased with the results from the shoot and it lead to me perusing work in the area.
Sports shoot on a beach in Wales. I am looking forward to heading back in January to do some open water shoots all being well!
I NEVER want to stop using film on assignments. You just can’t recreate this in photoshop.
Nijah standing on a street in Leicester. I overpowered the ambient daylight with flash to create a studio look outdoors.
Tom Meighan from Kasabian chilling out backstage after a gig

. Fashion portrait Leicester


Helen Claire posing outside my studio’s back door.
Heading out to Wales for a VERY early start to shoot for a blog post on turning cyclists to runners was a real highlight. Getting to combine my sports science background with my new love of photography was really good.
This image was taken in Firebug for drum teacher Adam Reeves

cycle orgmore valley

6 cans of beer later, a very wet camera and I had the shot I wanted. I really like working with these guys, they are always open to ideas.
Uncle Frank in a cape, why not?
Tom cooking in Entropy restaurant.
I photographed Izzy Marrie Hill before she played Glastonbury at the start of the year.
Photographing Raptusound at the start of the year was great. We had a top location and a good stylist on hand. I think this was the first photo that made me actually think I could be a good photographer if I kept working hard.
Photographing leicester comedian Joe Ross Williams was both great fun and rewarding.
Boy Kid Cloud on a Leicester Roof top. Styled by my friend Harriet Mann.
Benn Hartmann in the Phoenix cinema


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Posted on: January 4, 2014