I  hated the idea of “lomo” when I first heard about it. I viewed it merely as something for skinny-jeaned hipsters who ride single speed bikes, grow crap moustaches and only shop in retro clothing stores.



I am, however, a BIG fan of shooting film, but the reason for this is because I love the medium format 645 image quality. The thought of shooting a large negative through a plastic camera seemed daft to me. But then the urge to give it a go got a bit stronger after seeing some nice prints from a toy camera.


I decided on a Holga camera. The reason for this is because of the 6x6cm negatives it takes.
I have never really shot a great deal of square format images in the past, so I thought this a good opportunity to have a go. Another plus for me is that it comes in black. I wanted something discreet that I could chuck in my day-to-day bag and not feel overly conspicuous when using it in public.


The camera has very simple (and perhaps to some, limiting) settings of F8 and F10 apertures (so for a sunny or a cloudy picture), bulb mode and 125th (educated guess) of a second for shutter speeds. Then for focusing it is a choice of one person, two people, a big group and a mountain range.  Once the 120 film is in the camera you really do not have a great deal to think about. You just point and click. As it has a very cheap lens, the images are only sharp in the center. Mix that in with the square format and you are pretty much limited to whacking your main point of interest in the center of the frame.
All these limitations, yet I end up with images that I find intriguing and quite pleasing (at least to myself)


I get my negatives developed at http://www.ag-photolab.co.uk/  I then scan them myself at home on my Epson V500 and adjust the curves in lightroom4.


I have only shot three rolls of film so far, but I will be adding to the following images very soon:












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Posted on: Mar 23, 2013