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I first became aware of The Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery before I really got into photography full swing. I attended the opening in September 2011 and was amazed to see the likes of Sven-Göran Eriksson attending.  Some time elapsed before I really got into photography and then revisited the gallery, this time around with a stronger sense of purpose.

To me, the gallery has always been a place I can go to when I need a break, inspiration or to grab a cup of coffee and a chat with Ian (he likes a latte with one sugar by the way). Since becoming a member of the gallery, I have the found the network of people I have met there, both through the Facebook (CLICK HERE) page and in person, to be supportive, open-minded and welcoming.


It is not your standard gallery, where you feel someone breathing down your neck and judging your every move, and is certainly one of the few non-pretentious and non-snobbish art places in Leicester. It boasts the largest collection of photographic work outside of London.
Being able to see other people working hard at photography has really inspired me to push myself and openly accept feedback and thoughts from those who come through the gallery’s doors. The gallery is located opposite the Phoenix and Cafe Nero, you can find a map by clicking here.

The encouragement and passion for art form is something that is clearly present in every event and exhibition, the most recent one being the Sandergram exhibition; a fascinating collaboration between the public, the gallery and Leicester College. It was a homage to August Sander, whose most significant project was People of the 20th century (sadly, his project was never finished)
His chosen subjects for the portraits show us the upper echelons of society through to the working class, with Sander’s images displaying an unwavering and gentle sense of respect for all. This to me seems fitting, given the socially inclusive nature of the gallery.

I would encourage anyone setting foot in Leicester to seek out the gallery. Entry is free and there is always a good selection of photography magazines and paraphernalia to while away the hours looking through.

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Posted on: April 8, 2013